I am a citizen, not of Athens or Greece but of the world. Socrates

Pida Ripley MA  AKC  FRSA
Founder WomenAid International &
Women of the World Global Awards

Visionary humanitarian, human rights defender,
environment and health campaigner,
women's empowerment advocate & creative.

Pida Ripley: Citizen of the World

Talking with UN Secretary General,
Perez de Cuellar

Magic of Mind

With our thoughts
WE make

Buddha 563-483BC

Our lives are meant to be lived in action and with passion. Every life benefits from a purpose to which the energies of mind and the enthusiasm of heart can be freely given. Think positively, act fearlessly and dream daringly. To become part of something larger than ourselves changes our minds and attitudes; as we change so the world changes.

We live in an increasingly interdependent world and we need to build a global community with shared values and responsibilities. We all can contribute to transformative change in all spheres for our creative minds will generate endless possibilities. Uniting in spirit and deed, we will create a peaceful world reflecting the best of humankind.

HRH Princess of Wales presenting a
Women of the World Global Award

Colour of Love

One word frees us
of the weight and
pain of life;
that word is love.

Sophocles 496-406 BC

The greatest hunger in our world is for real and unconditional love. To manifest love by sharing, by witnessing, by considering, is to live from the heart. Placing our love in the happiness of others enables us discover ourselves, for love creates energy, inspires passion, gives hope and provides comfort. Helping others, being useful, compassionate and above all, honourable, gives a valued purpose to life.

We can express our lives by serving as catalysts for peace, liberty, human dignity and by being an active presence of a boundless capacity to love. The power of love creates a social force for the good of humanity. It is a gift of the spirit – to be used to overcome the forces of violence and hatred.

Pida Ripley with Womenaid Ambassadors,
Susan Hampshire and Petula Clark

Power of Kindness

Do something for
somebody every
day for which you
do not get paid.

Albert Schweltzer 1875-1965

The kindness of strangers is evidence of our common humanity. Kindness of heart, of thought, of word, or deed, given without hesitation, can transform someone’s life or spirit. There is always opportunity for kindness, for it is always within our power to do small things with great love. ‘Homo homini Deus est’, the love of man to man, is mankind’s salvation. No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted. Poet William Blake wrote ‘Can I see another's woe, and not be in sorrow too? Can I see another's grief, and not seek for kind relief?’ To act, to do, to volunteer, with no expectation of reward, is to experience a joyous liberation - for a call to community is to become part of something greater than ourselves. By our individual acts we change the world.